12 March 2021 – Chemo, ROUND 8

This round only consisted of going to hospital and picking up my pills – but what a trip! My parents came up the day before as I think they wanted to see out every cycle, plus I had never taken the pills on their own before, so they could be there just in case my on-going side effects developed.

An Amazon parcel arrived just after they did, which confused me as for once I hadn’t ordered anything (honestly, there are daily deliveries for the pup). A friend of mine (who proofs my blog) had sent me a bell so I could ring it to my heart’s content once I had exited the hospital. That night, we had fish and chips with prosecco and raised a glass to commemorate the ending of this debacle in a few weeks’ time. Like a loser, I went to bed early because that’s what I do now, sleep and sweat ☹.  I remember when I was in my early 20s, I wouldn’t even think about going out until gone 9pm, now it’s almost late – I’m not sure if cancer aged me or if I have aged me – I’m so not cool anymore (HA!)

(Editor comment: you’re getting old love, like the rest of us 😊).

I wanted to drive myself to chemo, partly because the car needed to get the motor running after sitting in the garage for a good while, and partly as an act of defiance – because I bloody well could!

It was so lovely, the freedom, to see the countryside and even the empty motorway, a little bit of a Thelma and Louise moment (you know with my parents – that would be an entirely different film wouldn’t it). I digress…

I popped to the pharmacist and picked up my pills and also dropped about half a dozen boxes of treats and a card to Avening Ward to thank them for their support – the staff do not get paid enough.

I felt  a tad emotional on the way out, but not tearful, just quiet reflection. But I had a little sassy wiggle going on walking back to the car, and as I opened the door, my parents were ringing that bell and made me do it too <3. Honestly, it was so sweet, and I think such a relief to us all not to have to go back, or not for a while anyway – and fingers crossed not for anymore chemo.

We went home via Gloucester Services (the farmshop services), as everything is shut with Covid and we fancied a coffee. We had a little celebration with a slice of cake. It was bliss and just a little bit more of “normal”, just to be sat at a service station felt like a big treat.

Once home, mum opened some more prosecco and I rang the bell again. Another friend had  also bought me a bell, and I promised I would ring it on the 26 March, once I take my last tablets. So, this is me ,Bryony Two Bells (that sounds so rude), and the countdown to the very end of my treatment begins!!!

2 thoughts on “12 March 2021 – Chemo, ROUND 8

  1. Hi Two Bells!
    Been reading your blog (the most recent ones)! It’s really very good! I’m sure it’ll help a lot of people and I hope it’s helped you too. So sorry you’ve had to go through all that sh!t!!
    Here’s to your last tablet taking and ring them bells tomorrow.
    Have you got Bertie yet?
    Much love


    • Hello Pete- so lovely to hear from you – last tablet is now taken and i suppose normal life and healing is about to start. I met Bertie yesterday, she is absolutely gorgeous, and she will be coming home to me in two weeks. Please send me pupdates and keep in touch, i love seeing how you and Lee are doing at Skeletal. Although i will miss your faces when office life resumes.



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