14 March 2021 – Mother’s Day

Luckily my folks were already staying with me for chemo (oh and Mother’s Day). I gave Mum a card and gift from me and one from Bertie to her Nana – maybe the cancer has spread to my brain, I’ve gone nuts! (Bad taste joke that only I am allowed to make!) I also got a text from Bertie’s breeder with a text saying Happy Mother’s Day love Bertie with an adorable pic – it shows your heart can swell without there being a disease element.

Later that day, the Blog went live – this has been the lovechild for me and a couple of close friends, the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive to date (mostly family and friends have read it) – I can only say thank you. It is weird to have your feelings out there in the world for people to see. However, I think it’s a  necessary step is to help others, directly or indirectly, who have been impacted by this awful disease.

One thought on “14 March 2021 – Mother’s Day

  1. A friend is just starting chemo, and I have read your blog from start to today. So interesting and helpful to get an “insider” view. I was a nurse for over 40 years, so everyone expects me to know all about everything medical (I really don’t, I was a sexual health specialist!!!), but so useful to get the patient view on things. Please keep this going, on good and bad days. It has given me lots of ideas how to help and support her. Everything crossed that all your future news will be good news.

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