10 March 2021 – Oncology chat

My oncology nurse called me today, it felt weird because this is almost it. I am to pick up the last of the Capeciteabine tablets at the hospital and she was wondering whether steroids would help with the foot-hand syndrome. I await the surprise on Friday when I nip to collect them.

The purpose for this update though was to communicate the next steps. So, post-chemo, I am to have a blood test in six weeks time and a final catch up with my oncology nurse. I’m not sure what they will be checking for  – I’m assuming it’s to see if my immune system and organ functionality has returned to normal post-chemo levels.

Anyway, after this I am to be referred back to my surgeon who will take my case back – that is likely to involve a CT scan (another opportunity to wee myself or not) and colonoscopy. I am confused how they can conduct a colonoscopy on someone without much colon left – but there we are. This is likely to happen near to September 2021, a full one year after my surgery.

Residual effects from the neuropathy and hand foot syndrome as a result of the chemo are likely to be a few months, apparently because I am young, I have a good chance of recovering quickly.

Anyway, apart from that, mentally I’m in a good place – let’s get this chemo done and life to begin!

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