29 December 2020, pre-chemo blood test

A phone call today from my oncology nurse told me my immune system was shot and therefore chemo (booked for New Years Eve) was to be postponed a week to allow my body to recover. Unfortunately, this news came just as my parents came through the door from Devon to take me to my appointment the next day…. 

Luckily, they were cool with it, the lateness of the news was my fault, I have been getting insane brain fog and missed a blood test earlier that week. My surgery were amazing and re-booked the next day, hence why the test results were a little late coming back.

I managed to grovel and actually, after the year we’d had, it was nice to spend more time together without all of the family health traumas going on. I was gutted not to enter 2021 being over half-way through chemo though, but I did manage a glass (maybe more) of champagne New Year’s Eve, which was delightful and not part of the plan. 

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