27 December 2020 – Pupdate 2

I had a text from the breeder today, the mummy dog went to meet her new boyfriend and had a marvellous day (wink wink), so I was soon to find out if this would lead to pups EEEEEKKK. I think the litter will be mixed, golden, black or chocolate labs. How do you even choose? I grew up with a golden lab – Sandy, my god he was the most lovely dog, but seriously also slightly – how to put this tactfully – special. I mean he got beaten up by a squirrel, always chose the log at the bottom of the log pile resulting in near concussion (daily), he couldn’t even spot a deer 20ft in front of him. My favourite memory of Sandy was taking him for walks, and stopping at a nearby river where I threw stones for him to fetch. He would dunk his little head in the water trying to find the exact stone/ rock that had dropped, tail wagging and always getting it wrong. You have to admire the willingness there – I can’t wait to see how Bertie’s personality will be, but one thing is for sure, he will be a bundle of happiness. I’m so excited.

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