07 January 2020 – pre-chemo call

The day before chemo you always get a call from the Oncology Nurse. Most of the time you just discuss how you were feeling and what the symptoms were. You also get to discuss what drugs you need like Loperamide (anti diarrhoea), Lorezepam (to take the edge off my anxiety pre-chemo) and Oramorph.

I usually took the Oramorph for 1-2 days after chemo because the Oxalyplatin burnt my  arms, I couldn’t  be touched on that arm for 1-2 weeks, it was excruciating. Due to the side effects of the intravenous causing so much pain last time, the Oncology Nurse said I could take my Oramorph into the chemo session to administer myself when the going got tough. It was a relief that the issuing of the pain meds was entirely with me, it felt as I had some control back. Small victories!!

We also discussed lowering the doseage, I would be administered with 75% concentration of the Oxalyplatin solution to prevent long term effects of the neuropathy and to try and give me some assembly of normal life.

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