19 October 2021 – Reunited with my surgeon

So I had a wobble, when I was trying to console my friend who got diagnosed with cancer I did something stupid, I looked on google about cancer survival rates over five years. IT WAS NOT GOOD.

So I went in to a tail spin. Maggies were great, but they also recommended because there are so many types of cancer (defined as bowel cancer) maybe get in touch with my surgeon to discuss my issue in more detail.

I hope you remember how much I love my surgeon, plain talking, eccentric and one of the best in the country. I essentially had my knuckles rapped like a naughty school girl, not in a mean way but in summary:

  1. Surgery was successful and I increased my chances of survival with chemotherapy
  2. Statistics do not look at the individual, the type of cancer, age, socio economic background, family history, BMI, previous health history
  3. I could get hit by a bus tomorrow, no one has a crystal ball on what lies ahead.

So in plain terms, enjoy life, put this shittiness behind me, move on and be happy. I laughed talking with him, my dad is as blunt (and as batty) and it was the verbal cuddle I needed (if I was told to hug a porcupine).

It was realy good to talk it through and have the reality check, but it takes nothing for the dark thoughts to return. I regularly read other peoples stories on the Bowel Cancer UK website and wow this disease is common and with some many degrees of severity, It takes very little to remember the diagnosis, the walk to the theatre, my first chemo session. I hope the rawness fades, but i also like to remember when times are tough….it’s not chemo – get a grip!

Anyway, puppy photos for you – little pooch has grown!

One thought on “19 October 2021 – Reunited with my surgeon

  1. Well,I can understand wobbles. But I know a number of people who are going strong many years later. Comeon oh little shark fan-my aunt had both breast and lung cancer,long before many of the modern breakthroughs-and she died at 96!!!!. Big hugs,and Riley sends his setter hook and slobbers.xx


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