06 May 2021 – Referral back to Surgeon Team

My colorectal specialist nurse called today, she was with me during my diagonosis and surgery (until I was transferred to the chemo team). We had a good natter and laugh (mainly about dogs – shocker) – we discussed that I would have a blood test in August to look at my tumour count(?), a CT Scan to check for cancer in other organs and a colonoscopy.

I asked how would they do a colonoscopy without much of a colon. She did make me laugh, she said they would just go in a little and look at the tail of my bowels. Essentially they are looking for polyps in my bowel lining and if they look dodgy to burn them off.

Apparently this review is done in years 1, 4 and 9 post treatment – you can’t help but feel you are looked after well. God bless the NHS.

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