19 March 2021 – Maggie’s

I had an appointment with Maggie’s this afternoon – I caught my counsellor up on recent events such as the Oxalyplatin stopping and chemo nearing the end. We talked about the psychotherapy course I was going to go on to help me with the next steps of dealing with cancer.  My counsellor is the best and I asked her if there is anything I need to be warned about that may arise post chemo – she gave me two pieces of advice:

  1. My side effects may last six months or so, don’t over-do things quickly, just because I feel better doesn’t mean my body is ready. Take things slowly!
  2. As much as Bertie is a good distraction, ensure I take time to deal with what I have been through, it will take time.

I feel I’m already grieving the old  pre-cancer me, and weirdly, I feel both more resilient and more vulnerable all at once. It’s a strange feeling.

I am having my first group session for post treatment with the NHS on the 15 April in Gloucester, arranged through the psychotherapy department, but I asked Maggie’s if we could catch up in a month or so to ensure we stay in touch as I manoeuvre in to real life again.

I’m not sure what real life is now, a post-Covid world for many and a post-cancer world for me – I can’t wait to see my friends and give them a hug, I also can’t wait to see my folks without the weight on their shoulders of my cancer.

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