24 February 2021 – Naproxen

Doctors called today, the GP Surgery had reviewed my files and had noticed that Oxalyplatin and Naproxen (a drug I had been prescribed to somehow help with some of the neuropathy and joint pain) can cause an irritation in the liver. I have been advised to take it sparingly – I rarely take it anyway, so I’m not bothered but worth noting.

I had an email from the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), they advised me that my application or Personal Independence Payment was likely to be delayed due to high demand but result in a health assessment. I’m nearing the end of chemo, so I’m doubtful I qualify anyway, but if I do have a health assessment, it will be when I’m turning healthy again – so it doesn’t work. It was nice the CAB have contacted me though and continue to look at my progress.

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