22 February 2021 – Covid & Psychotherapy

Boris made his announcement today, the easing of lockdown. I’m not sure why but I felt miserable – probably just the chemo –  because it’s still going to be ages  until I can see my friends at their houses/ or mine. I have busy times ahead, but I just know that some of the things I wanted to do this year may be scuppered due to hikes in prices from holiday lets etc. I badly want to just get away or have some idea of when that might  be. And I know in that respect that I am  no different to anyone else in the country at this time. But I just can’t believe I (hopefully) would have beaten cancer before lockdown ends – it  seems I’ve had this monumental battle and that there will won’t be any  bells and ribbons at the end of it and I feel a little cheated, after everything I’ve been through. However, I will have a furry distraction soon enough, and no doubt will long for the lazy lockdown mornings when the little rascal appears.

I had a telephone appointment with Psychotherapy today. I was offered it after my operation and I jumped at it. There is no point denying that cancer diagnosis and treatment are tough and I want my mental health to be a priority during my recovery phase. She sent me some links to books and websites, which you can see in the further information under the post-chemo section.

We agreed during the chat that I would benefit from attending a post-cancer course. It is a combination of group sessions that talk about nutrition/ exercise but also focuses on the big question the ‘what do I do next’ and ‘does life have meaning’ – apparently post-cancer is when you are likely to go off the rails.

The great news for me is that the courses are in groups, and so I will get to meet more of my kind, understand what other people have been through, empathise and provide support. I’m a little excited for this. Maggie’s have also offered something similar to me, again I will snap it up, as it’s more of a one to one basis and I will take all the help I can get. Honestly the NHS, MacMillan, Maggie’s you can’t beat them and I’m so grateful for how I’ve been supported along the way during this horrendous time.

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