25 January 2021 – Blood test

I went for my usual pre-chemo blood test and Zoladex today. I enquired about my Covid jab as I should be seen as the extremely vulnerable – apparently I wasn’t on the list as someone who was seen in a high category – I was informed to call the surgery in a few weeks as currently they were concentrating on the over 70s and this could take a time to vaccinate that age group. 

I had a call a few hours later from the GP saying that my immune system this time was high and that my liver enzyme levels were showing anomalies. 

I was asked to contact Oncology and to communicate results back to my GP who has been  following my diagnosis/ treatment. This was comforting, but also a worry. I looked online at what these raised liver enzymes meant and I could see were the words ‘secondary cancer’.

Tip: Do not google results, I went in to a tail spin!

Tip: Do email oncology; they know your treatment, your previous blood results and what is considered normal for the pressure your body is under and reactions to treatment,

Essentially, I had a meltdown over nothing! Oncology requested new bloods on Thursday (28 Jan) as a check but reported no concerns due to the type of treatment I was having.

It did get my thinking though, what is next? How will they test me for cancer? Am I in remission or is this cure? I had no idea being in such a reactionary state of really what I was facing. My internal rationale was starting to deteriorate because I had been living cycle by cycle for so long you get indoctrinated into the world of cancer. It might be horrid and painful but there is a routine that I had to stick to which made other things easier.

My concern was, would they postpone treatment again? I didn’t  want this, I hate chemotherapy, it freaking sucks, but postponing it would mean a prolonged end date. I wanted this done – and I don’t want to look back.

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