25 September 2020 – Haircut

I had my haircut today, the first time (professionally) for a while. I asked for a complete change, I wanted to feel different post-surgery. I had a bob, about 4 inches cut off my hair. It looked awesome!

The reason I mention the haircut, no it’s not to say about the importance of treats and pampering (to be fair my salon are amazing and I totally endorse anything that can make you smile and feel better during this time). No, I mention this because of the amount of comments I had, asking me if I’d had my haircut because I was likely to lose it  during chemo. 

So, I just wanted to prepare you for these type of questions, in addition to the indirect questions which are asking if you are likely going to die. Again, these were the kind of questions that you don’t normally get. It’s worth thinking about your answers up front.  

Firstly, most chemo doesn’t cause hair loss, it’s the breast cancer/ leukaemia treatments that are more likely to affect this. Secondly, it’s acknowledging that as much as you and your immediates are concerned about your condition, there are plenty of friends/ colleagues who are also affected by your news. So, I suppose it’s to prepare you to be kind. I’ve had so many text messages asking me for updates and saying that my diagnosis and prognosis has brought tears to them.  But also, there have been times when I’ve felt utterly crap and didn’t want to deal with someone feeling sad about me but also didn’t want to seem ungrateful. Here’s another lesson, nothing about dealing with cancer is easy! 

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