11 August 2020 – CT Scan

A week or so after the diagnosis, I had to go for a CT Scan – to see if the cancer had spread. I’m going to tell you this now, I found it hilarious. I was only at the appointment a short amount of time, but they inject this dye in to you to take the pictures inside and as it flushes through your kidneys, you have a sensation you have wet yourself – but actually you have not.

When the nurse told me how it would feel, I was in disbelief, but I laughed so hard as I felt a warm trickle downstairs and remember asking the nurse if I was the first who actually had wet themselves during a scan. I was disappointed I had not and amazingly I came out the scan laughing and smiling!

A week later I had the results, the cancer was contained to the bowel, no spread to any wider organs – a joyous occasion and a big relief until a few days later.

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